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Governing Documents

Al Sunna & Rules, Policies and Procedures (Updated February, 2020)

The Order of the Alhambra, Inc. governing documents are the Al Sunna and Rules, Policies and Procedures. Above is the link for the combined document.

Generic Caravan By-laws (September, 2022)


The Order of the Alhambra, Inc. has created some flyers to be utilized and personalized by caravans. We ask that the flyers be used when you hold your functions, events, recruiting and can drives. This is an inexpensive way of advertising, recruiting and receive donations. This is a word document file and can be easily changed to fit your caravan information. Just print them up and pass them out. This form is for caravan use only.

Alhambra Flyer for Caravan Use (Microsoft Word)

2021 Recruiting Ideas from VSC Cliff Dake (PDF)

Alhambra Why Become A Member Brochure (PDF)

Scholarship Trifold Outside (PDF)

Scholarship Trifold Outside (Word)

Lend A Hand Trifold Inside (PDF)

Lend A Hand Trifold Inside (Word)

PROGRAM GUIDE – If You Build It They Will Come & Stay (PDF)

PROGRAM GUIDE – If You Build It They Will Come & Stay (Word)

Ceremonial Short Form

For caravans searching a abbreviated Ceremonial, this file can be used to perform the initiation on-line, over the phone and when we can once again meet face to face. When reading this, you will see that you will have to add your specific caravan’s information to make it complete. This should take about 15 minutes. Please make certain that all new member applications are filled out completely and signed by the applicant before forwarding this to the Secretariat along with a $10 application fee.

Ceremonial Short Form (Microsoft Word)

Lady Noble Sash Information

Lady Noble Sashes are now available! All sashes will include ALHAMBRA embroidered in red script letters covering approximately 50% of the sash length, and the embroidered emblem of the Order embroidered at chest height in rhinestones near the top of the sash. Price includes 1 or 2 lines custom embroidered in black under the emblem with name & number of Caravan and 2nd line with wearer’s office or title.

SHIPPING: All prices are -$10.00 for 1st sash, plus $2.00 for each additional sash in same shipment.

Click the graphics below to download the price list and order form.


Membership Pin Program

Membership is the number one objective for the Order of the Alhambra, Inc. We would like each member to sponsor at least one new member as often as possible. Those members who sponsor two or more members for a Qualifying Ceremonial become a VIP Member of the exclusive Membership Pin Club.
The rules for receiving a Membership Pin are as follows:

  1. SINGLE JEWELED PIN For reinstating or initiating a minimum of two members.

  2. DOUBLE JEWELED PIN For reinstating or initiating a minimum of five members.

  3. TRIPLE JEWELED PIN For reinstating or initiating a minimum of ten members. Also awarded for the establishment of a new Caravan goes to the member who organizes the Caravan, as well as the Supreme Director of that region.

A new member must have an Official Membership Number before the sponsor may apply for the pin.

Members will be allowed to trade up, upon request to the Home Office, i.e., member receives Single Jeweled Pin for two new members and initiates three more members for a total of five.

Membership Pin is to be worn on the Fez next to the first letter “A” in Alhambra (the side opposite the tassel). Only one Membership Pin may be worn on the Fez. Assist us in increasing the membership for the Order and make having a Membership Pin a standard part of wearing the Fez.

If you or someone in your Caravan qualifies for a Membership Pin, complete the form below at the link below.

Membership Pin Form

Fez Decorum During Mass

This comes from Past Supreme Chaplain, Father Paul Ballien (11/4/2015). You can download a printable copy for your Caravan / Region at this link

I understand there have been some questions regarding when to take off the fez and when to put it back on during Mass. So in answer to this question, here is the ruling. (Sashes may remain on throughout the mass).

SN/LN are to wear the fez at the beginning of Mass, all the way through the first couple of readings. SN/LN will then remove their fez just prior to the reading of the Gospel when the priest or deacon says: “The Lord be with you.” (When the priest or deacon says, “The Lord be with you,” the people respond, “And with your spirit.” The priest or deacon then says: “A reading from the holy Gospel according to…” And then he reads the gospel.) After the Gospel is read, the priest or deacon will say: “The Gospel of the Lord.” Then the people respond by saying: “Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ.” At that point, the priest, deacon or bishop will (should) kiss the gospel and then the SN/LN will at that point put their fez back on. SN/LN will continue to wear their fez until after the gifts are brought up to the altar. After the priest (or bishop) prays the prayer over the gifts he will once again say or sing: “The Lord be with you.” At that point SN/LN remove their fez and will not put it back on until after Communion. When the Eucharist is put back in the tabernacle after Communion is over, and the tabernacle doors are closed, that is when the fez is put back on and will be worn for the rest of the Mass.

Membership Award Program

The Order has a Membership Award Programs whose purpose is targeted toward increasing membership in Caravans. The Order will make monetary donations to a charitable not-for-profit organization identified by the Caravan, for each new member initiated. The payment amount will be based on the “Option Plan” indicated by the Caravan.

  1. Option 1 will pay $200 per member – the member must remain in good standing in their Caravan and pay membership dues to their Caravan for one full year as well as paying per-capita for one full year. These new members must purchase a fez or sash and accompany the order form with the membership application.

  2. Option 2 will pay $100 per member – the member must remain in good standing in their Caravan and pay membership dues to their Caravan for one full year as well as paying per-capita for one full year. The purchase of the fez or sash will not be required for these new members.

The Caravan will receive a check made payable to the local charity of their choice. This plan applies to each new member initiated into the Caravan, per fiscal year. Payments will be eligible at the end of the full year after the following conditions are met.

Click the graphics below to download the New Member Award Form and Award Policy.



Summer Camp Program

The purpose of this program is to provide a vacation at a summer camp for a mentally challenged person(s) who otherwise could not afford the cost on their own.

In order to help as many special friends as possible, this is a one-time, per person opportunity.

Each region has a yearly maximum of $1,000, regardless the number of campers.

The Application to the Summer Camp Program form has to be completed in full, a parent or a person responsible for the applicant who can verify applicant’s funds must sign the application. The application is then proposed and signed by a Grand Commander and sent to their Supreme Director. It is the responsibility of the Supreme Director to contact the camp to verify the camper’s date of attendance, cost and sign the form. The original application is to be mailed to the Secretariat. Upon receipt, the Secretariat will verify if the application meets the requirements of the program and will forward it to the Summer Camp Program Committee for final approval.

Complete details of the Summer Camp Program are available here

Membership Forms

Grand Commanders Forms

Fez and Medallion Order Form

Membership Documentation

The governing document of our Order is Al Sunna. You can download the latest copy of Al Sunna with this link.

Al Sunna

You can download the Protocol Manual with this link.

Protocol Manual

Contribution Forms

Matching Funds Donation Grant Program HERE

Contributions HERE

Insurance Information

Effective 11/01/2013, McDole Edge Corporation is the Order of the Alhambra, Inc.’s new insurance carrier. This insurance coverage is good throughout the United States and Canada.

The following information has come directly from the insurance company:

Any Order of the Alhambra, Inc. function will be covered under our insurance plan as long as it is benefiting the Order of the Alhambra, Inc. only. The only time you need a “Certificate of Coverage” is when the place you are holding the Order of the Alhambra, Inc. function requires one.

Here is a link to the “Certificate of Insurance Request Form”

But please note that the only need a “Certificate of Coverage” when required by the place you are holding the Order of the Alhambra, Inc. function.

If required, it is very important that the attached form is used and faxed or e-mailed only. The fax number and e-mail address is listed on the form. If you do not have a fax or an e-mail, we are suggesting you go to a store that allows you to fax or perhaps get a member of your caravan to submit this for you. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

By following these instructions, this will make the flow of receiving your “Certificate of Coverage” be received in a timely fashion as well as preventing any mistakes that may otherwise happen if this information was placed over the phone.

1. If the place the Caravan’s event is being held and request a certificate of insurance ( Proof of Coverage) this form would apply.
2. As long as the event is being done for the Order of the Alhambra, Inc.’s benefit, the liability policy would also apply.

If you have any questions you can contact Betty Dewey via email or phone 410-242-0660

Alhambra Bazaar

You can order all your Alhambra goods from the Alhambra Bazaar!